Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Valued
Chocolat Negro Client

Chocolat Negro is a young design and fashion life-style label born in South-Africa in 2007. During the last years we have grown at a fast pace and have developed a brand that is representative of the vibrating energy of 21st century South Africa. We are passionate about innovative design and work mainly in the field of recycled design and art.
We create what we call sustainable urban design. We give things a second life.
To us, this means, design representing the local culture without being labeled ethnical, design that considers the community and design that evaluates the impact it has on our earth by re-working discarded materials and waste-items.

The Trash Is Out Recycled Mixed Media Art Painting
We re-use, re-cycle and re-work materials that can be incorporated in our designs. With our work and by following a path in sustainable Eco-design we aim to create and sustain work for talented men and women in South-Africa

Most of the products Chocolat Negro offers are completely hand-made and rooted in African crafts traditions originating from all over the continent. Our products represent the charm and the many voices of todays Africa. We love fabrics, we love beads, we love the colors and patterns that are part of the heritage of this continent.
Chocolat Negro Designs are provocative, revolutionary and sometimes satirical an expression of the multinational street culture of South-Africa.

Our products are created in our design studios in South-Africa and in Mali in West-Africa and we work directly with small craftsmen and women and young African entrepreneurs.

Thank you for your love and support throughout the last four years. Your growing interest in our brand inspires and motivates us each day to create more new and beautiful products.

Much Love
The Chocolat Negro Team

Antique Metal Button Ring

Miss Daisy 1950's retro button ring

Venda Fabric Bracelet

The Love Bracelet -Urban Street Art Bracelet

Pirates necklace made from sea finds
Felt And Wire Bead Earrings And the South African Sunshine 

Turquoise Ceramic Chunky Bead Ring

Fabric And Wire Ring